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Galactic Transit - Oliverwho Factory


Brown Parker


The Brown Parker project, takes a unique blend of sounds ranging from funk & soul to create a modern perspective of jazz with dreamy synths.

"I wanna target people who wanna dance...Give them that experience. We are theirs for life."


AURAL (Oral):

an artist relating to the 'ear or the sense of hearing.'

"Moments in Time"

A compilation exclusive project  in conjunction with Wantreeze Music distributed on in South Korea


wow ...what a great couple of months... as we have always said "if only one person appreciates what we have done then we have done our job. We currently have 22 licensed songs! "No More Words(original mix)" has received quite the notoriety. Excitement and anticipation is in the air! We will be releasing 3 versions of the giant hit :-) NMWrds-house, techno..etc.  



More licensing done this week...We now have 21 songs that have been licensed within the brick mortar and film industries locations. This is in an effort to reach the masses of people that may not be familiar with Madd Chaise.  Now we have an unique opportunity to share our music be it as you shop, dine or even watching a movie or two...skies the limit! 


Thank you Australia!

We are humbled and appreciative that you have allowed our songs to be heard and licensed!




Subject: Upcoming Jazz Project

The highly anticipated release of BROWN PARKER!     POSTPONEDchk out the sound files


Excited to present another dynamic to MCI it's the "Brown Parker," series. A mixture of of Detroit jazz fusion meeting new fresh blends of live instrumentation from a one man band show. For all those jazz enthusiast and soon to be...please check out the sound files.


Subject: International Licensing Deal              

We are proud to announce that in addition to Wantreez, we have just secured an international licensing deal for five of our original compositions that will be featured on in-store radio services to thousands of retail environments, such as fashion shops, gyms, spas, restaurants and other brick and mortar retailers.