"Galactic Transist"

Rush Hour Recordings 

by the Oliverwho Factory


The Oliverwho Factory aka known as Darryl and LaShone Caliman started the music production company Madd Chaise (chase)Inc. which is now International, over 10 years ago.  


They wanted to create unique sounds and still have control as to how and when they could produce and distribute their own music.  Not quite the popular choice for many, but to OWF it was a vital move in order to keep focused on what is most important...integrity.

From this decision came some of the most "pulsating," "deep funky" "soulful," "floor stomping.."music to ever hit "the masses." 

We are humbled, blessed and still making music...Many thanks to all for the unwavering support!


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"Before," Dolly records by the Oliverwho Factory 2012